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Gonzo Lives

Sunday, June 13, 2004

On Blogging.

There has always been an inherently difficult aspect to blogging for me: Identity. Questions abound such as "what does this current forum say about me?" or "while the current post might be highly relevant to one person, is yesterday's post something I want them reading, or knowing about me?" You see, it's sort of like Have Blog, Will Write for me and I very much prefer to let the writing flow in the forum du jour, whatever demons might follow in the wake.

My latest outlet has been one established to chronicle the latest chapter of my life: my return to Boston. As such, I opened it up to a number of friends that traditionally hadn't encountered previous blogs. It was, and remains, a digest of rants and episodes on common, everyday things I've encountered the past few months. At times I've held back some words on some aspects of life in the interests of some readers. But perhaps those things that would be held back are not necessarily blogworthy anyway. Blogging doesn't have to be a be-all, end-all outlet for writing. And I do need some place to chronicle not my journeys and encounters in and around the city of Boston, but those in and around the Internet.

Thus, Gonzo Lives, prompted inadvertantly by one fellow Internet traveler's call for comments and revised templates.

Let the blogging begin ensue continue.


At 7:12 PM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Well done!

I too struggle with the "this person knows about my blog and I dont want such and such to know this and that." That's one of the nice things about LiveJournal: you can restrict access.

And of course Mr. Pierce had some good advice on the subject. I'm such a sycophant.

[cough] RSS [cough]


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