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Gonzo Lives

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

More Venom

Goddamn this bitch-whoring, ball-soaking, rotten as shit humidity that prevails endlessly here in New England. I said yesterday that if each day started with that morning's weather, I'd be an entirely different person... and I was right. Yesterday's clear, dry, sunny weather retreated behind the gray overcast shadow of a sky that has been far too typical this Summer. It makes me violent and yet simultaneously saps all energy and care that I might expend enacting my rage.

My targets are nil anyway because I've been too preoccupied to focus on the state of the World, otherwise busy with life, which I won't dwell on, and work, which I will. The screws are tightening on the Web Team and the pace is picking up. A slew of objectives stand between myself and my teammates and the next release and then we'll be thrust neck-deep into .NET. Add onto that that I'm doing the work of 2.5 people, burdened with reviewing anything attempted by the time-sucking rubes that are the new team members and stopping what I'm doing every 37.4 minutes to calls of "Mark..?"

I managed to sleep without the air conditioner running for the previous two dry, temperate nights we had and thus had to readjust last night to the roar of the fan and the peace-shattering din of the compressor kicking on. When the sun began streaming in this morning it began its ceaseless cycle: kick on, kick off, KICK ON, KICK OFF.

Then the real calamity began.

At 6:50 or so some strange beeping began making its way through the curtains of my sleep. My irrationality was convinced that it was the AC, alerting me that it was about to tilt itself out the window... and was first frantic and then resigned to let it happen. Rationality told its worrisome partner that no air conditioner beeps alerts when it tips and that it was surely a truck backing up outside, at 6:50 AM. The truck's soundtrack then turned into a frightening cacophony, such loud noises as I've never been accustomed to, especially not at dawn. Finally at 7:00 I got myself up and looked out to find a crew of jackasses who had extended a crane to the roof of the building directly behind me, and were unloading small bales of materials. After 10 more minutes of that everyone left, finishing the bedlam they began at 6:50 AM. Outside my window. Surely the people in the building itself were subjected to such a violent wakeup call as well, but those bastards will benefit from it with a shiny new roof over their heads. Me, I just deal with the aftershock of being awoken at an ungodly hour with fears of a small appliance tumbling from 4 stories up.


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