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Gonzo Lives

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Today, Kids, we'll have a lesson in Ignorance, something that's a very big part of many of your lives, but that you're too stupid to realize.

Ignorance is saying that the former President, a man who put himself through college, worked hard at his accomplishments his whole life, never owned his own home until leaving the White House, brought Israel and Palestine together to shake hands and brought forth the first U.S. Budget Surplus in years, that all he did was chase interns around the White House.

Ignorance is saying that a lazy bastard whose Daddy put him through Yale and who only ever managed to fail or accomplish mediocrity his whole life is a masterful Terrorist Hunter that we should be proud of when his Administration's State Department just came out and said that the whole 2003 report on Terrorism was wrong and that Terrorism in fact INCREASED following retaliation against Afghanistan and now the war in Iraq.

Ignorance is prosecuting a man who lied about a blowjob quicker than one who lied about going to War.

And no one ever said the former was Right. But few have denied that blowjobs have been happening under White House desks surely for years and years and years. At least he was in the White House after hours, instead of off fucking around on his big ol' Texas Playground, AKA Ranch.

It's all so fucking absurd, the blanket support for a half-wit, recovering alcoholic, lazy son of a bitch who's holding the head position of a cabal of thieves, criminals and crooked businessmen who are as far from You, the "Everyman," as one can possibly get.

Grow up poor in the South and be an Everyman.

Work your ass off and be an Everyman.

Succumb to sexual temptation and play around with some agreeable snatch and be an Everyman.

Don't tell me a rich fucking overgrown child who thinks he's on a Mission of God is an Everyman in this country.

And stop being so ignorant and face your own demons inside instead of just aligning yourself with the one who happens to be on the ballot.


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